Welcome to the Random Idea Generator!

Have you ever needed a random idea when running a concept workshop, or just need some inspiration to come up with ideas for your own? Look no further! Simply give the slot machine a spin! You never know, you might just hit the jackpot and find fortune with your idea!


RandomIdeaGenerator.com is an initiative by ROEL




About Us

RandomIdeaGenerator.com is an initiative by Roel de Vries. Roel helps companies to continuously improve and innovate by creating the right company climate, setting innovative processes, and coaching teams and employees. Please check out roel.biz for more information.

While teaching idea development tools in concept workshops, I would often run into the situation that participants couldn't come up with an idea on the spot to work with. Real ideas from their day to day work might be confidential, internal, or just too complicated to use in a (public) workshop.  


That's why I developed this tool and now I made it available publicly for everyone to use!


I hope you enjoy and of course, I’m open to any feedback to make RandomIdeaGenerator more useful!  


Best, Roel

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